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Frank and Lucie Seemore are originally from London. But now they live in a village near the sea. Here they find everything they need and London is close by. Frank designed a series of unisex reading glasses for his wife Lucie. The result? Timeless and stylish classics that suit everyone. Moreover, these ready-made reading glasses are of very high quality. The material is acetate and the reading glasses are also made by hand. 

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Digital Detox

Since the bluelight filters are more and more wanted, Frank and Lucie...

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Since Lucie loves her accessories she is looking for more interesting ways...

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Super luxurious acetate sunreaders made from the finest acetate sheets. A classy...

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Coming Soon

Reading glasses with sunclip. The ultimate easy and pretty solution for reading...

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We are a reliable partner, we design everything ourselves, from glasses to cases, and our products are made in Asia by a reputable manufacturer. You can always expect high quality from us.

Every season we launch new collections, including elegant readers, sunglasses ,screens, chains and accessories. We keep our after-sales service up to date to live up to your expectations, not only with our products but also with our deliveries and handling of your order.

We are happy to deliver to more than 17 countries.


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